Förderprogramm „Integration durch Qualifizierung (IQ)“

Counseling for migrants

Contact our counseling centers for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications regarding all issues about your foreign certifications/degrees. We also provide qualification counseling when you need qualification for full recognition. The counseling is free of charge. In addition to our counseling, we offer various qualification measures which are required for full recognition of or admission to a profession. We’d be happy to support you in achieving your personal goal. We want to make it possible for refugees and people from non-EU countries to integrate into the job market in a fair way by informing and advising them about their labor rights.

The counseling centers for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications offer free advice and information concerning the recognition procedures. You can find our counseling centers in Freiburg, Mannheim, Stuttgart and Ulm. We also provide advice at other locations in Baden-Württemberg. Our service for you:

  • We advise you on the recognition process. We explain the recognition procedure and search for the responsible recognition authority.
  • We advise you via e-mail, on the phone or in person. Personal counseling is only possible with an appointment. Please call us in advance or send us an e-mail. The counseling is free of charge.
  • For counseling, we need (if available): certificates and diplomas (if possible, translated into German), curriculum vitae, employer references and letters from recognition authorities.

Contact our counseling centers in:

Freiburg – responsible for the Freiburg administrative region
Diakonisches Werk Freiburg / Caritasverband Freiburg-Stadt e. V. /Deutsches Rotes Kreuz Kreisverband Freiburg e. V.
Phone: 0761 88144500
E-Mail: freiburg@anerkennungsberatung-bw.de
Address: Immentalstr. 16 , 79104 Freiburg

Mannheim – responsible for the Karlsruhe administrative region
Interkulturelles Bildungszentrum Mannheim gGmbH
Phone: 0621 43773113 |Fax: 0621 43773111
E-Mail: anerkennung@ikubiz.de
Address: N 4, 1 , 68161 Mannheim

Stuttgart – responsible for the Stuttgart administrative region
AWO Kreisverband Stuttgart e. V.
Phone: 0711 2106117 | Fax: 0711 2106111
E-Mail: anerkennung@awo-stuttgart.de
Address: Olgastr. 63, 70182 Stuttgart

Ulm – responsible for the Tübingen administrative region
IN VIA Diözese Rottenburg-Stuttgart e. V.
Phone: 0731 38852213 | Fax: 0731 38852229
E-Mail: anerkennung@invia-drs.de
Address: Wengengasse 15, 89073 Ulm


You can get more helpful information about the recognition of foreign professional qualifications on the website: Recognition in Germany. Click here to read our information folder with all counseling centers.

The counseling center ″mira – Mit Recht bei der Arbeit/Your rights at work″ is a project within the framework of "Fair Integration". Our offer is geared towards refugees and migrants who are not from the EU. We provide free counseling on employment law issues and problems such as: 


  • Employment contracts (e.g. mini-job, part-time or full-time job)
  • Wages and salaries (e.g. unpaid hours of work)
  • Working hours, vacation, notice of termination
  • Insurance, e.g., in the event of illness and accidents at work


You can find our counseling centers in Karlsruhe und Stuttgart. After making an appointment by phone, counseling is given in German, English, Turkish, Arabic and, if needed, with interpreters. Just contact us:

ibz - Internationales Begegnungs-Zentrum
Kaiserallee 12d 
76133 Karlsruhe 

Margarete Brugger, margarete.brugger@adis-ev.de, Telephone (+49) 176 43 40 1400

Open consultation hours: Tuesdays 16:00 - 20:00, or e-mail or call in advance for an appointment.

Consultation also possible in Freiburg, please call in advance: Mobil: (+49)176 43 40 1400


6. Etage
Willi-Bleicher-Straße 20
70174 Stuttgart

info@mira-beratung.de, Telephone (+49) 711 98 693 974

The Willi-Bleicher Haus is a 15 minutes walk away from the Hauptbahnhof Stuttgart (main train station Stuttgart) or with the underground train, 1 Station „Börse/Börsenplatz“


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