Operative partners

The "IQ Network Baden-Württemberg" consists of 27 operative partners from all over the federal state. Among them are chambers, municipalities, voluntary and church-based organisations, technical colleges and universities, language course providers, a job centre and a migrant organisation. 

Interkulturelles Bildungszentrum Mannheim gGmbH (ikubiz)

The ikubiz (Interkulturelles Bildungszentrum Mannheim) has been working at the interface between migration, school and the labour market for more than thirty years. In the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region the ikubiz is an important contact point for migrants when it comes to questions of educational and vocational integration and a co-operation partner of employment services, communities, chambers, schools and migrant businesses and associations.

Activities of the ikubiz in the IQ Network Baden-Württemberg

  • State-wide overall coordination and public relations activities of the Network
  • Initial contact point and competence centre for the recognition of foreign qualifications (counselling and training)
  • Qualification counselling
  • Developing and securing skilled labour in migrant businesses

Elvira Stegnos (project management),
Hüseyin Ertunç (coordination),
Phone 0621 437 73 112

Academia Española Formacion (AEF), Hornberg

The Academia Española Formación (AEF) developed in 1984 directly from the experience and structures of the Spanish-speaking Catholic missions and the Spanish Parents' Associations in the field of educational work with adult migrants.

Activities of the AEF in the IQ Network Baden-Württemberg

  • Intercultural opening of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and labour market stakeholders in the rural region of the Black Forest for skilled professionals especially from Spain
  • Counselling and accompanying the enterprises and their institutional surroundings in their intercultural opening process
  • Development of intercultural action strategies for SMEs that aid in bringing personnel requirements and potential job applicants together

Dr. Artur Kalnins (project management, Bonn),
Phone 0228 340670
Carolina Castro (project coordination, Hornberg),
Phone 07833 9656377

Akademie der Ingenieure AkadIng GmbH, Ostfildern

The main areas of activity of the AkadIng (Academy of Engineers) are the specialist training and the personality development of architects and engineers working in the private economy and the public service. This is undertaken nationwide with a strong personal and regional focus under the heading "nationwide, personal, practice-related". As a partner of approximately 8,000 architecture and engineering firms, we understand and know their needs.

Activities of the Akademie der Ingenieure AkadIng in the IQ Network Baden-Württemberg

  • Bridging measures for engineers and architects with a certificate from abroad
  • Placement of participants in enterprises
  • Technical guidance for participants during their qualification process

Jochen Lang,
Phone 0711 79482221

AWO Stuttgart

The Arbeiterwohlfahrt (Workers' Welfare Organisation, AWO) Stuttgart is using its voluntary commitment and professional services to advocate for a socially just society. It supports people regardless of their origins and political or religious convictions in shaping their lives autonomously and responsibly and promotes alternative concepts of living.
For these purposes it offers high-quality social services for everyone. The AWO is competent, innovative and reliable.

Activities of the AWO Stuttgart in the IQ Network Baden-Württemberg

  • Initial contact point for recognition counselling
  • Qualification counselling
  • Training for labour market stakeholders on the topic of recognition counselling

Georg Ceschan,
Phone 0711 21061 36




BEN Europe Institute, Ettlingen

BEN Europe Institute Qualification & Project Management UG is a young and innovative consulting firm and project manager based in Malsch in the Karlsruhe rural district. The company focuses on international human resources, labour market and education projects and the promotion of diversity management and a migrant-oriented welcoming culture in Baden-Württemberg.

Activities of the BEN Europe Institute Qualification & Project Management UG (project name: INTERPROF-TECH) in the IQ Network Baden-Württemberg

  • Bridging measures for international university graduates with foreign certificates in the fields of computer science, electrical engineering/electronics, mechatronics, automation engineering, power engineering or similar disciplines
  • Job coaching and placement of trainees in enterprises
  • Occupation-related German language courses (as part of the bridging measures)
  • Promotion of intercultural competence
  • Integration coaching and application counselling

Manuela Montesinos,
Telefon 07243 34 21 837

BBQ Berufliche Bildung gGmbH

Kontakt Rottweil, Villingen-Schwenningen, Tuttlingen 
Heinz Schwager
Tel. 07433-9974710

Kontakt Göppingen 
Karin Nagel
Tel. 07161 65861-40

Berufsfortbildungswerk (bfw), Stuttgart

The Berufsfortbildungswerk (Further Vocational Training Organisation, bfw) is a non-profit educational institution of the Federation of German Trade Unions (DGB). Its services make an important contribution to initial, further and continuing vocational education and training in the field of labour and social affairs.

Activities of the bfw in the IQ Network Baden-Württemberg 

  • Organisation of preparatory courses for the knowledge test for foreign medical doctors (German language, theoretical medical instruction, practical training) including holding the B2/C1 Medicine Telc test and the knowledge test

Eva Kirchherr,
Ursel Herrera,
Phone 0711 55388-41




CJD Bodensee-Oberschwaben, Friedrichshafen

The CJD is an educational and social enterprise working on the basis of the Christian concept of humanity. The guiding principle of "No one may be lost!", which has been valid since the CJD was founded in 1947, today means that every human being is entitled to participation in life and society.

Activities of the CJD in the IQ Network Baden-Württemberg 

  • Bridging measures for university graduates with foreign certificates in the field of engineering
  • Raising awareness of international skilled workers in the companies and enterprises
  • Matching university graduates with enterprises in the Upper Swabia region

Irene Schöllhorn (Master of Engineering, M. Eng.), project management,
Phone 07541 2075-14





Diakonieverein beim Diakonischen Werk Freiburg e.V.

In the city of Freiburg, the Diakonisches Werk (Social Welfare Organisation of the Protestant Churches in Freiburg) and its Diakonieverein (Social Welfare Association) perform the duties of a charitable association and provide a variety of social services and facilities in the field of social work, education and counselling, which you can find out about here.

Activities of the Diakonisches Werk Freiburg in the IQ Network Baden-Württemberg 

  • Qualification counselling for persons with rulings from the recognition body (e.g. partial recognition, rejection)
  • Exploration of possible training programmes to compensate for substantial differences and to attain full recognition
  • Counselling on support offered by the IQ Network Baden-Württemberg
  • Consideration of the language requirements of the training programmes

Angelika Hägele,
Phone 0761 36891 175

Diakonisches Werk Baden, Diakonisches Werk Württemberg, Evangelisches Schulwerk Baden und Württemberg

The Diakonisches Werk Württemberg is the welfare organisation of the Protestant churches in Württemberg. A total of more than 270,000 people receive advice, counselling and care from the Diakonie in Württemberg or live in institutions of the Diakonie. The Diakonie Baden consists of approximately 1,900 members who are usually operating facilities and services that employ more than 34,000 people who are active in the areas of health and assistance to youth, families, the elderly, etc. The purpose of the Evangelisches Schulwerk Baden and Württemberg is to support the work of Protestant schools in Baden and Württemberg. The members are some 80 providers of general education, vocational and special schools with a total of more than 200 schools.

Activities of the Diakonisches Werk Württemberg (in cooperation with the Diakonisches Werk Baden and the Evangelisches Schulwerk BaWü) in the IQ Network Baden-Württemberg

  • Adaptation courses for registered general nurses
  • Intensive German language course to attain language level B2 (in the context of adaptation training)
  • Placement of participants in schools and companies

Dr. Christine Böhmig (Region Karlsruhe, Region Pforzheim),, Telefon 0159 04002015
Gunther Müller (Region Reutlingen, Region Tübingen),, Telefon 0711 1656-217 
Hanna Baumgartner (Region Heilbronn, Schwäbisch Hall, Künzelsau),, 0711 / 1656 - 479

Evangelische Hochschule Ludwigsburg, Institut für Antidiskriminierung- und Diversityfragen

The Protestant University Ludwigsburg is a state-recognised university with social work, early childhood education and care, inclusive pedagogy and therapeutic pedagogy, care management, the science of pastoral care and the pedagogy of religion as its major fields of study. The Institute for Anti-Discrimination and Diversity Issues (IAD) was founded in 2007 as the first of the University's specialised institutes.

Activities of the Protestant University Ludwigsburg in the IQ Network Baden-Württemberg 

  • Adaptation courses for persons with qualifications acquired abroad in the field of childhood education
  • Mentoring and coaching programmes within the adaptation courses

Professor Dr. Beate Aschenbrenner-Wellmann,
Phone 07141 9745223

Freiburg International Academy GmbH (FIA)

The Freiburg International Academy has set itself the task of assisting international medical doctors as well as skilled nursing personnel in their integration into the German public health system by offering training opportunities. It has designed various training programmes in order to promote vocational terminology and communication skills on the one hand and specialised medical knowledge on the other in preparation for the work routine in German hospitals.

Activities of the FIA in the IQ Network Baden-Württemberg 

  • Preparatory course for the knowledge test for medical doctors, preparation for the patient communication test
  • Preparatory course for the knowledge test for health and care professionals, promotion of language skills, communication training

Dr. Reiner Mühlsiegl,
Phone 0761 458 911 42

Graduate School Rhein-Neckar gGmbH, Mannheim

Handwerkskammer Rhein-Neckar-Odenwald, Manhheim

The Mannheim Rhine-Neckar-Odenwald Chamber of Crafts is the service provider in craft, education and counselling matters. As a partner of almost 13,000 member companies with about 85,000 employees and more than 5,000 trainees, the Mannheim Rhine-Neckar-Odenwald Chamber of Crafts provides support in all matters relating to craft operations.

Activities of the HWK Mannheim Rhine-Neckar-Odenwald in the IQ Network Baden-Württemberg

  • Adaptation training for persons with foreign qualifications in the dual training occupations of the Chambers of Crafts and the Chambers of Industry and Commerce
  • Counselling, matching, coaching
  • Occupation-related German language promotion accompanying training, assistance during continuing education and training

Rainer Kettner,, Phone 0621 18002 136
Simone Rolko,, Phone 0621 18002 160







IN VIA in der Diözese Rottenburg-Stuttgart e.V.

IN VIA - Catholic Association for Girls' and Women's Social Work in the Rottenburg-Stuttgart Diocese is a voluntary social welfare association and sponsor of several social welfare institutions and services. The work is focused on aid to migrants, opportunities for girls and young women, school students, the railway missions and a child and family centre.

Activities of the IN VIA in the IQ Network Baden-Württemberg 

  • Qualification counselling for persons with rulings from the recognition body (e.g. partial recognition, rejection)
  • Exploration of possible training programmes to compensate for substantial differences and to attain full recognition
  • Counselling on support offered by the IQ Network Baden-Württemberg
  • Consideration of the language requirements of the training programmes

Petra Glock,
Phone 0731 388522-21





Landratsamt Böblingen

Mannheimer Abendakademie

Netzwerk Antidiskriminierung

pro.Di GmbH, Nagold

Als Tochterfirma des Berufsförderungswerks Schömberg ist pro.Di der Personalentwicklungspartner von Unternehmen, Arbeitsagenturen und Jobcentern. In den Bereichen AUsbildung und Qualifizierung arbeitet pro.Di eng mit Kammern, Netzwerken und Bildungsträgern zusammen. In der IQ Servicestelle in Nagold berät pro.Di im Kompetenzteam Asyl und Flucht (KAFU) Unternehmen und Geflüchtete.

Aktivitäten von pro.Di im IQ Netzwerk Baden-Württemberg:

  • Coachingangebot für Flüchtlinge und Asylsuchende um Zugang zu Arbeitsmarkt zu schaffen
  • Beratung und Unterstützung von Unternehmen, die Flüchtlinge beschäftigen möchten

Dr. Andrea Zajac


Stadt Heilbronn

Stadt Freiburg - Büro für Migration und Integration

The Office for Migration and Integration (AMI) of the City of Freiburg develops integration programmes, supports the networking of institutions working in the field of promoting integration, and ensures that the concerns of migrants are taken into consideration when decisions are taken at the municipal level. 

Activities of the AMI in the IQ Network Baden-Württemberg 

  • Promotion of intercultural opening processes in the public health system
  • Promotion of the culturally sensitive development of enterprises
  • Development of further vocational education and training programmes for specialised and managerial staff in public health establishments

Virginia Gamarra de Lang,
Phone 0761 201 3056




Stadt Mannheim, Fachbereich für Wirtschafts- und Strukturförderung

Mannheim ist bundesweit die Hochburg der Betriebswirtschaftslehre. Die Universität Mannheim genießt aber nicht nur bei den Wirtschaftswissenschaften ein hohes Renommee. Der Bereich „Menschen und Kompetenzen“ beim Fachbereich für Wirtschafts- und Strukturförderung ist für die Fachkräftesicherung und Talentstrategie zuständig. Mit der Universität und den Hochschulen in Mannheim und der Region wurden vielfältige Kooperationen ausgebaut

Aktivitäten der Stadt Mannheim im IQ Netzwerk Baden-Württemberg

  • Brückenmaßnahme „Anpassungsqualifizierung Betriebswirtschaftslehre“ für ausländische Fachkräfte
  • Vermittlung Qualifikationen: fachliche, kulturelle, methodische und ggf. sprachliche
  • Betriebspraktika und bei Bedarf individuelle Qualifizierungsbausteine in Kooperation mit der Universität und Hochschulen

Harald Pfeiffer,
Telefon 0621 2932049

Universitätsklinikum Mannheim

Das Universitätsklinikum Mannheim ist als Krankenhaus der Maximalversorgung mit der jährlichen Versorgung von 76000 stationären und teilstationären Patienten betraut und beschäftigt ca. 4800 Mitarbeiter in 30 Kliniken.

Aktivitäten des Universitätsklinikums Mannheim im IQ Netzwerk Baden-Württemberg

  • Anpassungslehrgänge im Bereich Gesundheits- und Krankenpflege
  • Vermittlung theoretischer Inhalte wie Rechtsgrundlagen, Dokumentationssystem oder Kommunikation
  • Anerkennungspraktika auf den Stationen der Universitätsmedizin Mannheim

Elke Heitmann, (Lehrerin für Krankpflege)
Elke Oestreicher-Krebs, (stellvertr. Schulleitung)
Telefon 0621 3307110


Verein für internationale Jugendarbeit e.V. (vij), Stuttgart

The Verein für Internationale Jugendarbeit e.V. (Association for International Youth Work) is one of the providers of social welfare in the Württemberg Diakonie network. For more than 130 years our work has been focused on counselling and supporting people with migration backgrounds. We create conditions for fair mobility and successful integration.

Activities of the vij in the IQ Network Baden-Württemberg 

  • Adaptation courses for health and care professionals
  • German language courses for levels B1 and B2 in tandem with training

Carola Piretzi, Phone 0711 23941-54
Faten Romdhani, Phone 0711 23941-61

Volkshochschulverband Baden-Württemberg e. V., Leinfelden-Echterdingen

The 173 adult education centres (vhs) in Baden-Württemberg are the primary providers of German language and integration courses and often the first points of contact for immigrants.

Activities of the Volkshochschulverband in the IQ Network Baden-Württemberg 

  • Language training for nursing occupations at selected locations in Baden-Württemberg
  • Preparation for language certificates, usually B2/C1, in some cases specialising in specific sectors
  • Continuing education and training in "occupation-related German" for multipliers

Andrea Bernet-Bürkle,
Phone 0711 7590062



Volkshochschule Freiburg e.V.

Die Volkshochschule Freiburg e. V. fördert mit ihrem Bildungsangebot (hier speziell Deutsch als Fremd- und Zweitsprache und berufliche Bildung) und der Beratungstätigkeit der angeschlossenen Bildungsberatungsstelle "Wegweiser Bildung" auch die berufliche Integration von Menschen mit Migrationshintergrund.

Aktivitäten der VHS Freiburg im IQ Netzwerk Baden-Württemberg (Flüchtlingsprojekt)

  • Berufsbezogene Deutschkurse für Asylsuchende und Flüchtlinge in den Branchen Pflege, Hotel/Gastronomie, Lager/Logistik
  • Kursbegleitende Integrationsbegleiter/in (Erstgespräche, Kompetenzprofile erstellen etc.)

Kerstin Hege,   
Telefon 0761 3689521

Aktivitäten der VHS Freiburg im IQ Netzwerk Baden-Württemberg (Qualifizierungsmaßnahme Erziehungs- Sozialwissenschaften)

  • Intensiv-Deutschkurs mit dem Zielniveau C1 für Akademiker/innen mit einem ausländischen Abschluss in Erziehungs- oder Sozialwissenschaften  
  • Qualifizierung in Bereichen wie „Bildungsberatung und Kompetenzentwicklung“, Dolmetscher-Schulung
  •  Berufspraktische Hospitationen, individuelles Coaching zur Berufszielklärung.

Karlheinz Müller
Tel. 0761 36895 26

Volkshochschule Stuttgart

adis e.V.

Refugees are particularly at risk to suffer from discrimination when making their first steps into labour market. The sub-project "Faire Integration"  aims to counteract this exploitation in Baden-Württemberg by offering consultation services and information.  This contributes to the compliance of human rights standarts as well as successful labour market integration.

Counselling is free of charge. Please make an appointment.


Björn Scherer
Tel. 07071 7955912

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