The homepage of the specialist unit for intercultural competence development/anti-discrimination in the IQ funding programme provides information for enterprises and labour market institutions which intend to establish diversity management in their organisation. The services offered by the specialist unit, which conceives strategies for the introduction of "diversity measures" and provides advice and assistance to institutions in their implementation of "diversity management", are listed on the homepage.

The Diversity Charter is an initiative of German companies to promote diversity in enterprises and institutions. On its website the initiative provides information about how diversity measures can be implemented in companies or institutions. The homepage delivers specific information on the implementation in small and medium-sized enterprises, large enterprises and the public sector. In addition, it presents a large variety of examples where establishments have successfully integrated diversity measures in their organisation.

The website lists the services offered by Basis und Woge e.V.: The organisation offers advice and support to persons affected by racism and discrimination, develops recommendations for action, experts' opinions and working materials on the issue of discrimination in access to qualification and employment and provides instruction to labour market stakeholders. In order to reduce language barriers in the access to information it also provides documents written in easy language, such as the communication recommendation for labour market stakeholders on the Social Code Book II (SGB II). You can find these documents at and

To enable all persons to participate in public communication without preventing them from accessing information due to linguistic barriers, the Bureau for Easy Language of the Lebenshilfe Bremen campaigns for the use of easy language by public authorities, official bodies, counselling services and also in companies. For this purpose the Bureau translates texts into easy language and accepts requests for evaluating texts written in easy language. It also runs courses and instructions on the use of easy language.

The Netzwerk rassismuskritische Migrationspädagogik (Anti-racist Pedagogy of Migration Network) sees itself as a forum of people from social work, school, education/further education, higher education and adjacent professions who are committed to an anti-racist pedagogy of migration.
Their common basis is to view the phenomena of the migration society that are labelled as "intercultural" in the discourse among pedagogical  specialists, in education practice and in political and everyday discourses  with a perspective that highlights power asymmetries.

The homepage of the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency contains information in various languages about the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG - Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz). The institution provides counselling to persons affected by discrimination and offers an overview of local counselling services throughout Germany on its website. In addition, it supports enterprises and public institutions in the implementation and improvement of protections against discrimination. The homepage also contains an information database which can be used to find studies, court decisions and media reports relating to the General Equal Treatment Act and the topic of discrimination.

The homepage of the Heinrich Böll Foundation provides articles, reports etc. on the topics of diversity management, racism and discrimination.

The International Society for Diversity Management (idm) is a country-wide network with members from businesses, research, politics, administration, associations and NGOs. A chief goal of idm is to raise the consciousness about diversity management by conceiving and developing ideas, methods and training opportunities.

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