Work-Related German Language

In the IQ Network Baden-Württemberg, the topic of "work-realated german language" has a special meaning in the context of qualification measures. Various demand-oriented concepts that combine vocational and language learning are used in all adaptation training courses and in the bridging modules. The goal is to both lead the participants to the German language level necessary for admission to their occupation and to give them linguistic tools for everyday and vocational use with which they can deal confidently with the oral and written communication situations they will encounter in their working life.

These qualification measures place special demands on the training personnel. In addition to intercultural skills, methodological and didactic skills are particularly called for. So it is important to remember that participants in the training schemes often have differing linguistic prerequisites. In addition, migrants who have received their training abroad and are learning German as a second or job-related language need alternative learning concepts that proceed from the individual requirements of the participants.

Network-internal further training is provided for the IQ qualification projects in order to reinforce these diverse skills of the teachers and lecturers. The IQ Network Baden-Württemberg also offers open continuing training courses for lecturers and teachers outside the IQ network.

The content of such continuing training includes:

  • Provision of professional stimuli for the areas of German in the workplace and German for the job
  • Familiarisation of lecturers with the communication demands and relevant speech acts in employment and occupation and options for applying that knowledge in class
  • Self-reflection on the part of the teachers
  • Development of participant-oriented and action-oriented training materials

These continuing education and training courses are conducted by the Association of Baden-Württemberg Adult Education Colleges in cooperation with the IQ specialist unit for work-related German language skills.

If you are interested in continuing education and training courses, feel free to contact the IQ Network.

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