Intercultural Competence Development/Anti-discrimination

The IQ Network Baden-Württemberg would like to use a diversity-oriented approach to enhance the intercultural competence of labour market institutions and companies. A diversity-oriented perspective sees social heterogeneity as a normal state. It encounters social diversity with an attitude of appreciation and is committed to ensuring that this is also reflected in the structures. These include the political, legal, economic and cultural conditions as well as the institutions of a society. While the overall social structures are difficult to change, labour market institutions, administrations and companies have much more room to manoeuvre in dealing with social diversity. And they can shape their approach in such a way as to promote a culture of recognition and appreciation in which discrimination based on skin colour or sex is lessened and in which career prospects are not dependent on age or origin.

Important guiding questions for labour market stakeholders in this context are:

  • How do the institutions and enterprises reflect social diversity in their corporate structure? How high is the proportion of migrants, women, the disabled, etc.? At which levels are they over-represented or under-represented? Are there strategies to increase the proportion of migrants in the workforce or to give greater consideration to migrants when filling leadership positions?
  • What competence do institutions acquire and develop to reduce discrimination and visible or invisible barriers and to make their opportunities diversity-sensitive?
  • How do labour market institutions shape their advisory or training services? Do they take the different needs of migrants into account?
  • What attitudes do institutions and enterprises promote in dealing with migrants as colleagues (towards one another in the workforce) or as clients, guidance seekers, users of a facility?

The IQ Network Baden-Württemberg is committed to a diversity-oriented perspective in the organisational and personnel development of labour market stakeholders. Some of the sub-projects focus on the labour market institutions and develop concepts to promote the migration-specific competences of the staff. Other sub-projects sensitize small and medium-sized enterprises to diversity issues and support them in the context of recruiting and developing skilled employees. 

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